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Understanding the Quran

Are you in search of understanding the Quran? The only online Quran learning academy that can help you understand the Holy Quran is Online Quran School Academy for kids and adults. Allah SWT has blessed us with a noble gift, Quran Majeed. We should know it comprehensively. For leading the entire life according to the golden rules of Islam, we must understand the Quran. Understating the Quran is essential for every Muslim, male or female, kids or adult. Allah SWT has combined the mysteries of the whole universe in the verses of the Quran. To unlock those mysteries, Allah SWT has made us learn it, understand it, and teach the Quran to others. Keeping this purpose in mind, our experienced tutors have structured some online courses for Quran teaching. One of them is the Quran course.

Understanding Quran course

Understanding Quran course is an online Quran course that we offer in our online Quran school academy for kids and adults. The main aim of the course is to let you know about the message of the Quran and the translation of some selected Surahs. You can also learn in the course about the revelation history of each Surah.

The online Quran course is structured for those students who could not find the opportunity to learn it in a physical class due to specific reasons. That is why we have designed the course in such a pattern that everyone can benefit from it quickly. Furthermore, there are special categories in the Quran understating course. We offer online Quran classes to adults, kids, and females.

Understanding the Quran course for kids

Understanding the Quran course for kids is for those kids who desire to learn Quran but don’t have enough resources to get registration in an institution. So, for this purpose, we have arranged online classes for them to learn effectively.

The syllabus of the course for kids is different than for adults. In the course, the kids will learn to translate some short surahs and the revelation status of those surahs. They will also learn about the Prophet Muhammad SAW and his behavior with kids. The course will raise the love of religion in the hearts of kids and will make them willingly lead their life according to Allah’s direction.

Understanding the Quran course for females

There are specific problems related to females that they cannot ask about. So, understanding the Quran for females’ course will help them know about daily life circumstances. As you know, the Quran is a complete guide for living life. So, the knowledge will allow them to recognize their responsibilities and duties as a mother, sister, wife, and daughter. The online Quran course is specially designed for them as learning in a physical madrassa may not be possible for some women. So, in the system, using their laptop, from anywhere they can understand the Quran easily.

Understanding the Quran Course for adults

Our online Quran school academy for kids and adults especially focus on Quran course for adults. The study’s main aim is to facilitate them with the knowledge of the Quran. Many people want to learn and understand Quran, but they hesitate to ask for it. But, now, with the structured course of our online madrassa, everyone can learn it, sitting anywhere. In the first part of the course, the tutors ask the students about some basic knowledge of the Quran. Furthermore, the course is mainly structured for those who have no time to complete the standard course of 8 years, but they want to learn about Islam and Quran.

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Features of the course

Have you ever thought why take admission in an online Quran class? The countless features of understanding the Quran course will convince you to take admission in the course.

First of all, we offer live classes where you can ask any question from your tutors. In a live class, there are fewer chances of committing mistakes. However, if you commit an error, the tutors will instantly correct that.

The most important feature of our online Quran classes is their affordability. Sure, students want to understand the Quran, but their budget does not allow them. that is why we designed our courses at very affordable fees.

You can take the class anytime you want. We offer courses at flexible hours. At the time of registration, you can choose the class timing in your desired hours.

How to register in the understanding the Quran Course?

Do you want to register yourself in an online Quran Course? The registration process is straightforward. There are some steps you should follow for registration.

  1. Visit our website
  2. Download application form
  3. Fill out the form carefully
  4. Select your desired hours for class
  5. Select gender
  6. Select tutor

Why choose us?

Reasons for choosing us are numerous; however, let me recall some. We offer online Quran classes in the presence of national and international tutors. In addition, we offer different Islamic courses, including understanding the Quran Course, Quran memorization course, Quran reading course, and Quran with tajweed course. The exceptional services of the online Quran school academy for kids and adults make it distinguished from other online Quran academies.