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Quran school starts teaching Quran online to kids, adults – male and female, and the newly revert Muslims from 2013. Why we start to teach the Quran online? There are many reasons; Modern Technologies help the people to save time and access online classes or academies to learn with. Some students don’t have time to learn in Masjid or Madrasa. For this reason we decide to take the responsibility to teach Quran online to Kids and Adults around the world.

Our online Quran Academy design special courses for all age of students I’e Languages, Online Quran courses, and Islamic courses. For each online Quran, languages, or Islamic courses. We have dedicated Native-Arab and Non-Arab teachers with 8+ years of experience while teaching online.

You can experience free trail classes for a week, then register yourself with our online Quran School for kids and Adults. Choose your teacher, and learn the Quran online at your comfort time.


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Our Quran & Islamic Courses

Our Quran and Islamic Courses offer a diverse range of online educational programs, emphasizing Quranic studies, Islamic teachings, and spiritual development in an engaging, accessible format.

Quran Reading


Master Quranic reading through personalized, effective online lessons tailored to individual learning needs.

Memorize Quran


Enhance Quran memorization with tailored online courses, fostering spiritual growth and retention.

Learn Quran Tajweed


Specialized online courses focused on mastering Quran Tajweed for precise, melodious recitation.

Our Islamic Courses

Our Online Islamic Courses provide comprehensive, accessible learning on Islamic principles, history, and culture, fostering deep religious understanding and personal growth.

Quran Reading

Quran Reading: Engaging online courses for all ages, teaching basic Quran reading skills with experienced and qualified instructors.

Tafseer ul Quran

Explore in-depth explanations and interpretations of the Quran online with skilled teachers for a comprehensive understanding.


Delve into the teachings of Prophet Muhammad with online courses, guided by expert scholars for authentic understanding.

Fiqh Short Course

Concise online program offering insights into Islamic jurisprudence, taught by knowledgeable instructors for practical understanding.

Special Course

Tailored for newly reverted Muslims, this online program offers guidance and foundational Islamic knowledge in a supportive environment.

Advance Tafseer

In-depth online study of Quranic exegesis, designed for those seeking a deeper understanding of Quranic teachings.

Advance Hadith

Comprehensive online course exploring detailed aspects and interpretations of Hadith, for students seeking deeper Islamic knowledge.

Advance Fiqh

An extensive online course delving into advanced topics of Islamic jurisprudence for students seeking in-depth understanding.

Speak With Quran Tutor

Our online support team is here 24/7. Feel free to contact our Quran Tutors – to get information and a free quote for our online Quran classes and courses.

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What Ask People Say About Us

Read our student’s and their Parent’s review about the Our Quran School

I had the pleasure of studying under Mohsin in person. His knowledge of the language and culture coupled with his ability to articulate in English made him the most capable instructor/tutor I have ever met. His methods for developing speaking skills and fluency were especially helpful.


New York – United States

Very good Teacher, and Patient! 🙂 Mohsin is a very good teacher. He is very patient, and is very good at explaining to you things that are hard to understand. He is very detailed in curriculum. And is very understanding, and is willing to work with you as much as you need so that you…

Khadija Bawazir

Minneapolis United States

I studied Pushto (written and spoken) with Mohsin. I found him to be a knowledgable and patient tutor. It is not easy to find instruction in Pushto and Mohsin is able to offer a range of Pushto, Arabic and Urdru language services well. The atmosphere in the teaching sessions is good…


Muscat, Oman