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About Us

The Online Quran School Academy for Kids and Adults is the best online Quran academy. Since 2008, after its establishment, we have been providing the people, kids and adults, men and women, with knowledge of the Quran and Hadith and Islamic teachings. In these years, we have successfully achieved our minor and primary goals of teaching the basics of Islam and the Quran to a wide range of students.

With the consistent struggle of our experienced and professional tutors, the online Quran school academy for kids and adults stands in the top 10 online Quran academies. Our online Quran academy is for those facing obstacles in learning Quran and Hadith and some introductory Islamic courses. So, in only a few months, with a firm dedication to your classes, you can learn Quran online from our Quran academy for kids and adults. 

In addition, we have been offering special classes to women to enrich them with Quranic knowledge to look after their children and educate them with the golden rules of Islam. The best feature of our academy is that we offer classes in flexible hours to enroll yourself or your kids in any hour of the course following the set procedures. However, there are some exceptions for female and male students. Both can learn in ordinary hours, but female students can benefit from 24/7 hours classes in the presence of renowned and adept scholars and Islamic tutors. The success of our students testifies to the submission of our mission.

Our Mission

The Online Quran School Academy for Kids and Adults is unstoppable towards educating the people with Quranic knowledge. While keeping in mind the goal, online Quran academy’s tutors are making their zealous efforts to teach Islam quickly and effortlessly. Quran academy has struggled hard in the past three years and secured its top 10 online Quran academies.

Our Vision

Shortly, you will find the Online Quran School Academy for Kids and Adults, a leading online Quran academy among other contemporary Quran academies for kids and adults. With the utmost exertions of tutors in our academy for kids and adults, we can strongly hope to surpass our fixed goals and achieve higher benchmarks. Furthermore, shortly, in Pakistan and other Asian countries, many students from across the world will be contacting us to learn Quran and Hadith knowledge. Currently, we are providing the following courses, and we will extend it soon to cover an enormous area of Islamic knowledge.

Our Courses

    • Quran Memorization
    • Basic Quran Reading
    • Understanding the Quran
    • Quran with Tajweed

Quran Memorization

Quran memorization course with our online school and Quran academy is the best opportunity for you to learn it and include yourself in the list of those who are have earned the eternal virtue for themselves and their parents. 

Basic Quran Reading

Our online Quran Academy for kids and adult offers a Basic Quran Reading course. The course will help you to learn recitation of the Holy Quran. You can also register yourself in the class if you want to learn a part of the Holy Quran. 

Understanding the Quran 

The syllabus that we teach in the Understanding the Quran Course will encourage you to understand the real message of the Holy Quran. Through various Quran learning courses, our online Quran School helps you know about Quran and Islam. 

Quran with Tajweed

In Quran, with the Tajweed course, we teach you the principles of articulating the word of the Quran according to its rules.

Why choose us?

Our online Quran Academy is distinguished from other online academies and schools of learning Quranic lessons and Islamic courses. However, some essential features of Online Quran School Academy for Kids and Adults are:

  • No registration fee (you don’t have to pay any additional charges at the time of enrollment in any online Quran Course)
  • Free trial classes (you can take three free trial classes before regular classes to satisfy your learning capacity and capability. After the trial classes, you can either take admission or withdraw from further classes)
  • Our online Quran school offers you all the courses at a very affordable fee with no additional payment for choice in class timing.
  • The one-to-one class option is effective for quick learning 
  • The tutors focus on students weak in education and encourage them to learn faster and easily
  • At the time of registration, you can choose class timing on your choice. You can also ask for a personal tutor. However, a little extra fee will be charged while hiring the services of private tutors. 
  • Our online Quran School offers the services of qualified female tutors for female students to help them learn freely without any hesitation. 

These are some distinct features that other online Quran academies failed to provide. However, once you get admission to Online Quran School Academy for Kids and Adults, you will feel a specific difference in your pace of learning the Quran and Islam.