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Urdu Language

The Urdu language is the national language of Pakistan. It would help if you learn it for your daily conversation. As a Pakistani or overseas, you should know it from hundreds of books written in the Urdu Language. Languages tutor offers courses for your better understanding of Urdu context and speech. In the new era of technology, many scholars and philosophers tend to old parchment of Urdu Language. in Urdu language courses, we have arranged special content for students of Urdu language. In our online academy, you can learn local and international languages. We offer the following courses in our online academy of Urdu language, though Urdu is a local language. 

  • Urdu Alphabets
  • Translate in Urdu
  • Urdu Dictionary 

Urdu Alphabets

Do you want to know about Urdu Alphabets? There are 36 letters in the alphabets of Urdu. Learning Urdu Alphabets is the basic course you should register yourself in. Knowing any language’s alphabets is the first step to cover. After learning the alphabet, you can learn then meaningful lessons. Urdu Alphabets Course that we offer consists of shorter lessons. Our main aim is to introduce you to Urdu font style, Urdu style of Writing, and Urdu available text. 

Translate in Urdu

Have you faced problems in converting English scripture into the Urdu language? Translate in Urdu Course helps you analyse words and sentences in other languages and then rephrase them in Urdu context. The course is very easy for those who are a little bit familiar with the English and Urdu language but have problems structuring sentences in Urdu. So, our tutor will give you a paragraph daily for practice and evaluate your performance. We provide the services of tutors who are native speakers of the Urdu language. So, you can learn pure Urdu in their presence. 

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Urdu Dictionary 

Urdu Dictionary Course is an addition to the list of courses we offer. However, most of the users know the use of Urdu Language, but they have problems understanding some difficult words in Urdu. Dictionary course lets you know about the use of Urdu Dictionary. Our scholars have collected easy and simple dictionaries for the students. Along with learning the use of a glossary, you can also learn Urdu Phrases and idioms. 

Benefits of learning Urdu

The benefits of learning Urdu are countless. Not only for academic purposes, but it is also the best option for satisfying your aesthetic sense, as there are thousands of books helpful in daily activities. Furthermore, you can find all those pieces of information that are hard to find in any other book. Urdu is a sweet language having the charm to attract anyone.

Requirement for online classes 

While taking online classes, you will not require too many gadgets. 

  • Mobile Phone/ Laptop or PC
  • An active internet connection 

Duration of the course of Urdu language 

The duration of the course of Urdu language is three months. However, there is also a golden opportunity for taking the one-to-one class. In that class, you can select the duration of your choice. We also offer a 1-month short course of learning Urdu.