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Quran Memorization course

Online Quran school academy for kids and adults is the only online Islamic academy that offers online classes for Quran memorization. Memorization of the Holy Quran brings more blessing to one’s life. Furthermore, those who memorize the Holy Quran earn the happiness of Allah and everlasting joy and success in this life and after death, too. In the Quran memorization course that we offer, you will learn techniques of learning faster and some basic tactics of memorization of the Holy Quran. With the advanced teaching techniques of experienced tutors, you can boost your memory and your ability to learn Quran faster. Our online Quran school for kids and adults is the best option for you in many aspects. You can enrol yourself in the course of memorization of the Quran. 

How to memorize the Holy Quran?

Do you want to memorization the Holy Quran? If you desire to memorize the Quran Kareem, you will need to make a firm decision and stick to learning it. Online Quran school academy for kids and adults allow you to memorize the Holy Quran in the presence of professional local and international tutors. To make learning effective, the head tutor of the online Quran academy has structured the course contents into two parts. 

Part 1 

In part 1 of the Quran memorization course, the tutors online Quran school make the students memorize some short surahs like the last ten surahs of Quran Kareem, Surah Mulk, Surah Waqiya. Memorizing these surahs initially helps the student catch the pace and prepare themselves to start the long journey of Quran memorization.

Part 2

In part 2 of the course, the tutors encourage the students to memorize the Holy Quran. After registration with our online Quran school, you can choose the pattern of whether to start memorization from the endpoint or start point. However, the tutors suggest memorizing the Holy Quran from the endpoint.

Features of online Quran memorization course

The trends of online learning emerged after the covid-19. But, besides this aspect, there are specific reasons that make online learning more effective than learning in a physical class. Once Quran memorization for those who had no nearby madrassa, but with the establishment of the online madrassa, they can learn any Islamic course very quickly. Here you can read the feature that can convince you to take admission in Online Quran school academy for kids and adults for learning online.

  • Live class
  • Affordable
  • Time-saving
  • Convenient

Live class

The online live class is more effective than learning in a physical class. While sitting in front of your laptop in the Quran memorization class, you can pay full attention to the tutors. However, if sometimes you miss the class, you can repeat it playing the recorded course. Furthermore, some tutors will instantly correct you if you commit a mistake. The immediate response of the teachers engages your interest in learning.

Affordable fee

As you that, hiring international tutors for learning may cost you to pay high charges as a fee, but in our online Quran academy, the Quran memorization course that we offer is very affordable. With a minimal cost, you can learn from experienced tutors. The memorization of the Quran depends on your memorization capability, but you can learn the art of memorizing faster and more effectively in the course.


Online course of Quran memorization with our online Quran school academy let you save your time. You don’t have to travel long to reach a physical institution for learning. By just having a laptop and active internet connection, you can register yourself and start memorization of Quran. 


Online Quran classes are convenient. You can learn it anytime and anywhere. In a physical class, you have to attend the course at a specific time. However, in an online Quran memorization class, you can choose flexible hours that are easier for you to be available. There are no extra charges for the selection of timing. In addition, you can enroll yourselves in dual classes. But, you have to pay a small additional fee while taking the same type in a day again. 

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How to register in our online Quran school academy?

It is very easy for you to register in our online Quran school academy. For facilitating a large number of people, we have extended the limit of our online Quran course. Now, the adults and kids can register themselves to memorize the Holy Quran. While recording, you don’t need to submit bulk of documents, but just a Gmail ID through which you can log into your zoom account. Some additional requirements are a mobile phone or laptop, an active internet connection, and pen, and a notebook to write down the instruction of the tutors.

Why choose us?

Certain features make our Online Quran school academy for kids and adults different from other online Quran academies. We offer online classes under the supervision of experienced tutors. The affordable fee and one-to-one classes add more to the significance of our online Quran school academy.