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Pashto Language

Online learning of the Pashto language is now very easy. Recently, our academy received many applications from our students worldwide and within the country. They are asking us to organize online Pashto learning classes. While seeing your interest in learning the Pashto language, we, Languages Tutor, have arranged special and easy-to-understand courses. Pashto is one of the world’s oldest languages though it is a local language. But now, it is recognized as it is the official language of Afghanistan and commonly spoken in Pakistan. In our online courses, you can learn about:

  • Pashto Alphabet
  • Pashto writing
  • Pashto Dictionary

Pashto Alphabet

There are 45 letters in Pashto alphabets. Each letter has a unique sound than the other. These letters collectively form meaningful words, and then terms include sentences with a full meaning. Knowing about Pashto Alphabet is the basic course you will learn in the first week of your learning Pashto Language online course. The tutors will provide you charts of Pashto alphabets, making you know by advanced methods.

Pashto writing

Pashto writing is yet easy but challenging. Most students learn how to speak Pashto but cannot write and recognize its words and sentences. As we provide the services of adept and professional tutors, they are highly determined to teach you Pashto writing. After which, you will be able to do Pashto writing.

Experience free Pashto Language Classes

Pashto dictionary

The Pashto dictionary’s use is not as easy as Urdu Dictionary and English Dictionary. But, with the enthusiasm of our national and international scholars and tutors, you will learn the use of the Pashto Dictionary very easily and efficiently.

A short course in the Pashto language

Do you want to know a little more about the Pashto language? You should register yourself or your kid in any short courses in the Pashto language that the Languages tutor offers. For example, learning names of fruits, daily use things, kitchen gadgets, and short phrases and idioms in the Pashto language.

Features of our courses

Our courses have many features that can convince you to register yourself and your kids in any class that we offer.

  • Smart technologies
  • Professional tutors
  • Online certificate
  • Effective and outstanding

Smart technologies

While learning online languages, we teach via smart technologies using easy applications to submit assignments.

Professional tutors

Our professional tutors are adept and well-experienced in teaching online. They are available for you just a click away from you.

Online certificate

After completing the online Pashto language course with Languages Tutor, you will then be able to apply for a certificate of excellence and course completion. Languages tutor is the only platform that issues the certificate after completing the course.

Effective and outstanding

All the courses that we provide are effective and outstanding. You will be able to speak, write, and read Pashto fluently after completing the Pashto language course.

Requirements for course

  • Mobile phone/ laptop or PC
  • An Active internet connection

Duration of the classes

The duration of the class is 40 minutes. All the courses are three months, except the short courses for one month each.