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Basic Quran Reading

Reading Quran during daytime or nighttime has numerous benefits. Apart from all, Quran reading brings us closer to Allah SWT. There are many holy books of Allah SWT., the noblest of them the Quran. Learning Quran reading is equally essential for men, women, and kids. The best option for you and your kids to learn Quran reading is to understand it from our online Quran Academy, Online Quran school academy for kids and adults.

How to learn Quran reading?

For learning Quran reading, you should know it in madrassas. There are many online madrassas offering classes for Quran reading. However, some people who want to learn recitation of the Holy Quran may not have the resources to register their selves in physical Quran institutions. Therefore, many online Quran academies offer services teaching Quran and other Islamic Courses. One of these courses is an introductory Quran reading course.

Basic Quran Reading Course

The course is for those who don’t know to recite the Holy Quran. The tutors in our online academy teach the basics of recitation of the Holy Quran. First, you will learn the rules of recitation. Gradually, then you will develop your pace and will know it accordingly. In addition, the basic reading course is specially designed for beginners.

Every year, hundreds of students learn Quran in your online Quran school after registering in Quran reading course. In Pakistan and in various countries, we offer our online Islamic services.

Basic Quran reading course for beginners

The beginner’s course level for learning the Quran is very easy and simple. In the course hours, you will learn the basic alphabets of the Arabic language and its sounds. Then, there is a method of teaching which you think is better for you.

Way of learning reciting the Holy Quran

In an online learning Quran class, the tutors read the verses of the Holy Quran, and the students follow them. Then, they ask the students to read and listen to them carefully. If the students make any mistakes, the tutors correct them instantly. This way of learning is very effective for beginners. However, after completing the initial days of knowledge, the tutors increase the number of verses according to students’ learning capability.

Quran reading course for adults

Most of our clients are those people who had learned Quran in their childhood. But, after spending time apart from Quran, now they cannot read that correctly. So, our online courses are the best choice for them to register and start learning again. However, knowing it again may be challenging for you. Still, with the enthusiastic efforts of tutors in our online Quran school learning academy for kids and adults, you can learn it quickly and effortlessly.

Features of introductory Quran reading course

Many features make the online Quran course significant as compared to others. The notable features are:

  • Live class
  • Affordable
  • Time-saving
  • Expert tutors
  • Flexible timing

Learn Quran with Trial Class With Us

Live class

In a live class, you can learn better than in a physical class. If you commit mistakes during the live class, the teachers will instantly guide you. Some online academies provide recorded classes. Though that is also helpful, you cannot correct your error in a registered class at that time. However, later you can contact your tutors.


Most of the people do not learn Quran due to the high fees that institutions charge. But, our online Quran school academy offers classes at a very affordable fee that everyone can join without any financial problem.


Online classes give you to save more time for further study. In contrast, if you take admission in a physical class, it will cost you much time to reach there.

Expert tutors

The only online Quran academy that offers the services of expert tutors. In the presence of experienced and adept tutors, you can learn the Quran more effectively and correctly. The notable feature is that there is no extra fee for choosing teachers. You can also select international tutors to learn from them Quran reading. By that means, you can also understand the native accent of the Arabic language.

Flexible timing

Online Quran classes are in flexible timing. You can choose your desired hours for classes. That feature is not commonly available in physical courses.

How to register in Quran reading course?

Online Quran school academy for kids and adults has uploaded the registration form on our website. Download the form, fill it in carefully, then submit it. You will receive an instant reply. You can also take three demo classes. After that, the academy management will ask you to submit the fee for further classes.