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Arabic Language

It is the best opportunity to learn the Arabic Language while registering with our online academy, Languages Tutor. Our online academy ranks first in the online academies for language learning. The Arabic Language is becoming widely important due to its religious status. There are almost 57 Islamic countries around the world. All the residents of these countries need to learn Arabic to perform the sacred rituals perfectly. Also, learning Arabic is necessary to understand the Quran’s teaching easily. However, after knowing the online courses that we offer, you will be able to conversate in Arabic fluently.

We teach: 

  • Arabic alphabet
  • Urdu to Arabic
  • Arabic to Urdu
  • Arabic Writing

Arabic Grammar

Arabic Alphabets

Do you know how many alphabets in the Arabic Language? There are 28 letters in the Arabic Language. However, Urdu alphabets and Arabic alphabet look similar, but some sounds and letters do not exist in the Arabic Language, though the sounds of most of the letters are the same. The Arabic alphabets course is specially designed for beginners in the Arabic Language, as we offer three models of methods, i.e. for beginners, intermediates, and professionals. There is a special course for intermediate from Urdu to Arabic.

Urdu to Arabic-Arabic to Urdu

Urdu to Arabic course is for professionals who works in some specific and distinguished organization. If your job is to translate Urdu to Arabic or translate from Arabic to Urdu, the system is for you. Languages tutor stands unique in providing special learning classes for students and professionals. The teacher will give you tasks to complete during the study hours, i.e. paragraph to convert them to specific languages. The practice will make you perform your job duty as a translator very well. One of the three models of courses is for students; that is Arabic grammar.

Experience free Arabic Language Classes

Arabic Grammar

Arabic grammar course is more likely for those students learning in Madrasa or an institution. But, they face problems in understanding Arabic grammar. Grammar is equally essential for spoken Arabic and written Arabic Language. After completing the course, you will be able to analyze sentence structure and words in sentences. Learning Arabic grammar from an online academy will also help you recognize hidden meanings in the Quran that those who don’t know Arabic grammar cannot get.

Features of online Arabic course

The countless features of online Arabic classes make them distinguished from physical learning classes. The tutors who teach you online languages have wide experience in teaching language and have exceptional command over the Arabic Language. To make you speak fluently and in the natural accent of the Arabic Language, we have hired native Arabic speakers for Arabic classes. Furthermore, after completing the course, you can apply for a course completion certificate. The Languages Tutors, an online academy, will issue the certificate shortly after applying for the certificate.

Requirements for online Arabic class

You are required to have:

  • A mobile phone/ Laptop or PC
  • An active internet connection

Duration of the class

The duration of the Arabic language class is 40 minutes. However, if you miss the class, the tutor will re-arrange it after you ask for re-arranging. There is no extra fee for that activity.